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With a passion for functional design and superior craftsmanship, we bring innovative solutions to the world of interior decoration. Our integrated wallboard and cabinet hardware solutions are available in a variety of finishes, styles, and sizes to accommodate different design preferences and project requirements. We continuously update our product offerings to stay at the forefront of industry trends and meet the evolving needs of our customers.
Product Structure
& Performance Description
  • 1. Decorative Layer
    The decorative layer has a variety of fabrics including PP film, PVC film, PET film. metal film water-based cross fabric base film, etc.
  • 2. Super Hard Crystal Ceramic Layer
    The crystal ceramic layer adopts an acrylic formula system which has excellent hardness and impact resistance
  • 3. Bamboo Charcoal Fiber Layer
    The core layer of the substrate is a bamboo charcoal fiber layer, which is a synthetic material of PVC resin powder bamboo charcoal fiber powder, and natural calcium carbonate powder
  • 4. Super Hard Crystal Ceramic Layer
    This crystal ceramic layer is the same as the second layer and adopts an acrylic formula system, forming a three-layer structure with another crystal ceramic layer and core layer
Product Characteristics
Texture Clear
The texture is clear and natural resistant to ultraviolet radiation and long-lasting without fading
Health & Environmental Protection
High-density carbon crystal substrate with zero formaldehyde release.
Balanced Stability
The substrate has a three-layer structure and strong resistance to deformation.
Easy To Manage
Flame retardant, burn resistant, moth resistant, stain resistant, easy to clean and manage
Diverse Styles
There are numerous designs and specifications, and various styles can meet different decoration needs
Strong Compression Resistance
The substrate has high intermal bonding strength, strong compressive strength, and good cushioning performance
Moisture-Proof And Moth-Proof
The main material composition is PVC resin powder, which has excellent waterproof performance and excellent insect pest prevention function
Easy To Install
The installation methods can be open installation of I-shaped strips, hidden I-shaped strip (double female slot) installation, male and female slot (lock buckle/flat buckle) installation, and so on.
Carbon crystal board is one of the most popular wall decoration, materials at present, widely used in various commercial spaces, hotels apartments, schools, hospitals, residences, and other engineering decoration fields. It has the following product characteristics.
Excellent Product Stability.
The substrate of our carbon crystal board is a three-layer structure, with a crystal ceramic layer on the surface and bottom layer, and a bamboo carbon fiber layer in the middle core layer. The product with a three-layer structure has excellent stability and excellent deformation resistance
Ultra High Environmental Performance.
Our company uses environmentally friendly calcium zinc stabilizers throughout the production of carbon crystal plates, abandoning traditional lead salt stabilizers; The adhesive adopts imported PUR adhesive. Green and environmentally friendly, double caring!
The Diversity Of Surface Decoration Materials.
Our company has established a long-term and lasting cooperative relationship with excellent domestic wall fabric manufacturers, using traditional PVC film, PP film, PET film, leather, meta| film, and water-based cross fabric base film. and so on. In terms of visual presentation. it can be both plain and luxurious
The Diversity Of Processing And Installation Processes.
Our company's carbon crystal board production has its own large-scale extruder, which is seamless from extrusion to flat pasting- We can also provide processing for the rear section, with large engraving machines and heavy-duty slotting machines, which can carve any size at will. We can also create double female grooves, male female grooves (flat buckles), male female grooves (lock buckles), natural U-seams, and other buckle types for carbon crystal plates. This greatly reduces the difficulty of installing the port and improves the effect presented during delivery.
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